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If you think that 2nd parts never were good, here I bring to you a lot of graphs for stats lovers, refering to the number of new articles for every month and every wiki, stats of users and comparisons together of differents wikies like the first graph on this article. For those who lost the first stats’ report you can see at this link (spanish). Where I had done a first advance, counting manually the number of old pages from each scoutwiki. This time, thanks to a bot (that i made in php) it is shown the evolution of articles by creation’s date and last update, like the amount of articles by users and more interesting conclusions.

I have to say that these graphs are made using details got betwen the 7th and the 8th february and every information before to 1st january 2006 is not consider, because the most of wikies didn’t exist, and first of all i’ll show you the spanish graphs:



For those who are good observers, will see that in the first graph there are two different colours: blue and red, it means, the evolution of blue let us know the articles which are created per month and in the same way in red (bad!) the articles which aren’t still updated in the same date. Conclusion: As we will see later there are some wikies “more” updated and some other “less”.

In the second graph you can see the proportion of articles created by each user, from major to minor and you can see the exactly number of the first three biggest users (gold, silver and bronze 😉 ) but of others you can imagine more or less how active are everyone.

Leaving “WikiRoca”, the most active wikies are the french, finnish and dutch spoken wikies that I show you from major to minor number of articles:

You can see some similar caracteristics, e.g. distribution of users or updating, much bigger than in spanish version. The next wikies of interest are english still better than spanish but not very active (just in a few moments) and italian which had a very good start but recently we have passed again, the spanish spoken users.

Acording to age we can mention the german version, more or less so old like the spanish WikiRoca and with a very similar evolution while a long time but recently it seems to be that “we have woke up” while the germans are at a standstill.

Also, you can see the rest of wikies, they are a lot but inthe first graph, they had a little importance and is difficult to see. These are the languages Czech, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Esperanto and Arabic.

In order to make some comparisons we can see the proportion of articles of every wiki at the end of every year:

that we can see also “live” (in 38 pictures 😛 ):

And if you would like to know the exactly number of new articles in a exactly month we have the next graph, where you can see the scoutwiki’s general evolucion but dividing in the picture the work of every one.

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